New patient

New Patient

Come live the new patient experience with our team of professionals!

In order to get to know you and meet your expectations, a personalized interview with our dental coordinator will be offered. A thorough and detailed oral examination will be performed during your visit with a dental hygienist and the dentist.

The complete evaluation of your oral health will be presented to you once the examination is completed. In order to maintain and improve your oral health, a treatment plan that meets your needs will be presented to you. On occasions, several alternatives can be discussed. You will have the opportunity to speak with our dental coordinator who will guide you towards different choices.

For orthodontic needs, the first consultation is free.
The exam includes:
  •  Intra-oral and extra-oral photographs to evaluate your entire dentition.

  • Dental X-rays:

Panoramic: evaluation of abnormalities in the bone, teeth, head and neck, cysts, tumors.
Interproximal: evaluation of interdental cavities, fillings, bone level, presence of tartar.
Periapical: evaluation of dental infection, resorption, root canal treatment.
  • A virtual 5D model of your teeth. The model will evaluate alignment, teeth position, dislocation, wear, occlusion, and cavities.

  • A thorough evaluation of your gum health such as periodontal depth and inflammation that can lead to the loss of teeth or bone supporting your teeth.

  • An evaluation of your jaw joint.

  • An evaluation of damaged, missing, or decayed teeth.

  • An evaluation of past treatments such as root canals, fillings, and crowns.

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