The Clinique dentaire des Pionniers invests in state-of-the-art technologies to provide you with optimal, quality care.

iTero 5D digital scanner

See your mouth in 3D!

In just a few minutes, you and your dentist will have a better understanding of your mouth and be able to view your entire mouth thanks to iTero technology. The iTero digital scanner allows the dentist to detect interdental cavities, view teeth alignment, establish a diagnosis for wear and excess pressure, and evaluate receding gum over time.

Intraoral camera

An image is worth a thousand words.

Using an intraoral camera, you can view your dentition on-screen at the same time as your dentist explains a specific problem.

Digital x-rays

Precision with decreased radiation levels

Digital x-rays present a significant advantage of having a lower rate of exposure to radiation compared to conventional x-rays. In addition, digital x-rays are more precise, resulting in better diagnoses.


X-rays of your entire head!

Cephalometric x-rays are required to establish an accurate orthodontic diagnosis. They are used to measure facial proportions, jaw growth and tooth angle, resulting in accurate measurements for personalized treatment.

Asepsis, disinfection
and sterilization

Disinfected and sterile tools for a sanitized and safe environment for you!

Daily, biological tests are performed and sent every month to an independent laboratory to ensure the complete sterilization of instruments and the proper functioning of all our sterilizers. Not to mention that our professionals disinfect the work surfaces before each meeting with you in addition to wearing a mask and gloves.


The fastest and most accurate scanner on the market!

CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) technology is a computer-assisted method that creates and fabricates dental restorations.

Using a computer equipped with a scanner and a milling unit, the dentist constructs, produces, customizes and places a permanent ceramic restoration in a single appointment.

Mechanized endodontics

Cleaning effective endodontic channels!

In channel processing, channel cleaning with motorized rotary files is more efficient and faster than using manual files. Mechanized endodontics is used for an optimal healing.

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