Improve your chewing ability and the look
of your teeth with new prosthetics


Augmentez votre qualité de mastication et l’esthétisme avec de nouvelles prothèses

Complete and partial removable prosthetics
Natural and comfortable prostheses!

Removable dentures are used to replace missing teeth partially or completely.

Come and have your prosthetics evaluatation free of charge by our denturist, Anthony Parent.
The purpose of dental replacement is to:
  • To restore masticatory function

  • Prevent dental wear of the remaining teeth by balancing masticatory forces

  • To avoid the rocking of opposite and adjacent teeth

  • To increase the lip support and surrounding soft tissues

  • Prevent premature aging

On-site prosthesis repair service:
  • Addition of tooth as a result of extraction or accidental loss

  • Hook repair

  • Rebuilding prosthesis (for better comfort in case of injury)

Need a repair? We have the solution!

Beginning caries and defective small restorations can be treated conventionally with composite fillings (white fillings) or amalgam fillings (gray fillings).

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